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Advanced Spanish With Jason Fritze ON-LINE 1 year subscription

This approximately 14 hour class is appropriate for Intermediate level Spanish teachers trying to reach advanced levels of proficiency. 1 year subscription

Advanced Spanish with Joe Neilson ON-LINE one year subscription

Joe Neilson and Jeanette Apaez-Gutierrez team up to teach a teaches a purely Comprehensible Input Advanced Spanish class for non-native Spanish teachers and advanced Spanish students. This class will be available 2/22/2016 on-line.

Advanced Spanish with Joe Neilson, Denver, MLK Weekend

Joe Neilson comes to Denver to teach an Advanced Spanish class for non-native Spanish teachers and advanced Spanish students Martin Luther King Day Weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Audio book download: Don Quijote: El Ultimo Caballero Spanish

Four native Spaniards teamed up to record this lively audio book recording in the present and past tense. 30 minutes. 6 chapters recorded once in the present and once in the past.

DPS SLP Advanced Spanish test preparation packet

Spanish Language Placement Exam preparation packet for Denver Public Schools Teachers. Accompanies Advanced Spanish classes in Denver or one-on-one tutoring with Nathalia Sanchez.

FREE 90 minute Spanish class

Considering our pre-recorded or live Beginning Spanish class? Sample a Day 1 90 minute lesson with accompanying materials for leaners. If you are a teacher wanting to start with Total Physical Response and TPRS, Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling, this demo lesson comes with a downloadable script and template for creating a Day 1 lesson.


90 minute intro Spanish class for true beginners. Accompanying lesson for language learners. Self-quiz For adult students of Spanish or high school students wanting to get a solid base in high frequency vocabulary.