Workshop Basics

The Natural Approach, Krashen's Comprehension Hypothesis, Asher's Total Physical Response. The basic foundation for Comprehension-Based Methods like TPR, Storytelling, Story-asking and Reader's Theater techniques. These are the pre-TPRS workshop basics. Crash course in language acquisition theory. 37 minutes with Karen Rowan. Fundraiser for IJFLT.

This video was primarily taped to provide essential background information prior to a workshop.   A workshop can be more hand-on and experiential if all of the participants already have an understanding of the history and theory underlying the methodology. 

It is also useful as a "Workshop in a Box" for new presenters whose strength lies primarily in Coaching and teaching the basic components of a CI-Based method like TPR, Storytelling or Story-asking.  Feel free to use this video either prior to or at the beginning of a workshop in order to optimize the available time for a brief demo (or use a Fluency Fast class clip), practice and coaching.

100% of the proceeds from this video go to the support of The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching,

Karen Rowan has been presenting workshops on TPR Storytelling and other CI-based methods since 1996 and was the director of the National TPR Storytelling Conference for 5 years.  Her bio is at  Filmed in 2008.

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