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2018 Beginning Spanish for Adults, Danvers, Massachusetts

Spanish for true beginners. Open to ages 15 and up. These are not regular classes! With Brain Friendly techniques like Storytelling, we learn like a Baby learns. It is easy and will forever change you from a person who "Can't speak a word" to someone who is good at learning languages. July 8-11 Sunday 8:30-3:30pm Monday, Tuesday Wednesday 4:30 - 7:30 pm $249.00 $100 off coupon here:

2018 Intermediate Spanish, Danvers, Massachusetts

Taught by Adriana Ramirez July 8-11 To see her in action in her classroom visit her YouTube channel: ¨Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input – Adriana Ramírez¨ $249.00 $100 off coupon here:

2018 Advanced Spanish with Jason Fritze Danvers, Massachusetts

Jason Fritze teaches our Advanced Spanish classes. This class will sell out. It is intended for non-native Spanish teachers. $149.00 Sunday, July 8-Wednesday, July 11 $100 off coupon here:

2018 Intermediate Spanish Denver April 19-21

THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL, ROOM 4 3950 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80237 Intermediate Spanish has 3 classes. This is the 2nd of 3. Intermediate classes are for everyone who has moved beyond beginning but does not consider themselves advanced. Most students are at the intermediate level and continue to expand their vocabulary and proficiency.

2018 ADVANCED Denver Summer Spanish Institute, June 25-29

SAVE THE DATES! The Fluency Fast Denver Spanish Language Institute will be June 25-29, 2018 Advanced Spanish for Advanced students through non-native Spanish teachers Intermediate-High Monday, June 25-26 Advanced Wednesday, June 27-29 Category product number 300

2018 BEGINNING Denver Spanish Institute, June 25-29

For true Beginners. Beginning Spanish June 25-27 Intermediate Spanish June 28-29

2018 INTERMEDIATE Denver Spanish Institute, June 25-29

Beginning Spanish June 25-27 Intermediate Spanish June 28-29

2018 INTERMEDIATE-HIGH Denver Spanish Institute, June 25-29

Intermediate-High Spanish June 25-26 Advanced Spanish June 27-29 One or two classes $299

Spanish one-on-one tutoring for Spanish Language Proficiency Writing or Speaking

The Denver Public Schools Spanish Language Proficiency Exam includes an over-the phone interview, a writing exam and reading comprehension. Our live Advanced classes are recommended for Advanced language learners, but test preparation only can be done one-on-one with Nathalia Sanchez, who also teaches the live test preparation course. Essays will be submitted and corrected and returned. Test preparation manual required. Additional hours are $20 per hour. Please return to pay by the hour as you go.