Reading Assortment French, 4 books (Is,IH, CF, DQ

1 copy Les Aventures d'Isabelle 1 copy Isabelle capture un singe hurleur 1 copy Carl ne veut pas aller en France 1 copy Don Quichotte, le dernier chevalier $7 individual copies $24.00Sale
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Russian The Adventures of Isabela PDF

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Le Secret d’Isabelle

Instant download easy E-book pre-reader for Les aventures d'Isabelle with only 44 individual words (including is, and, the, I and 14 cognates). This book can be read by an independent learner or used by a teacher by projecting on a screen. It is most commonly used for 3rd, 4th or 5th grades of for the very first reader in a level 1 class at any age. Isabelle has a secret... when mom says "maybe"... it usually means yes!