Reading Assortment Spanish, 6 books (Is,Co,Ca,Ol,DQ,CB)

1 copy Las aventuras de Isabela 1 copy Isabela captura un congo 1 copy Carl no quiere ir a México 1 copy of Olivia y los Monos 1 copy Don Quijote: El último caballero 1 copy El Callejón del beso
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Los Tres Amigos

As if teenaged friendships aren’t hard enough... Marissa and Jack have been best friends for as long as they can remember, only having troubles when Jack wasn’t always honest about himself. Despite their differences, their friendship endures. However, that friendship is challenged when a new student, Julio, moves to town and upsets the longstanding dynamic between Marissa and Jack. In this level 2+ book, which includes aspects of Puerto Rican culture, readers learn useful vocabulary through the easily understandable plot — even if the emotions of the teenagers are not.

El Cóndor de los Andes by Adriana Ramirez

El Cóndor de los Andes is an engaging and inspiring story written for Spanish 4 students. It is the perfect novel to read with your level 3-4 classes, AP Spanish classes as well as IB Spanish classes. It is based on real events, which makes it very appealing, but it’s intertwined in a very compelling story that will touch your heart. It has a lot of cultural components, and since it tackles a relevant and current topic, you can find a lot of authentic support materials online (songs, news report, videos), that you could use along with the book. It has a glossary organized by chapters, which helps students find the words easier.

Ja Ja Book of Spanish Jokes

Chistes para aprender español