FREE 90 minute Spanish class

Considering our pre-recorded or live Beginning Spanish class? Sample a Day 1 90 minute lesson with accompanying materials for leaners. If you are a teacher wanting to start with Total Physical Response and TPRS, Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling, this demo lesson comes with a downloadable script and template for creating a Day 1 lesson.
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FF Day 1 lesson plan (For Product 361)

FF Day 1 lesson plan


90 minute intro Spanish class for true beginners. Accompanying lesson for language learners. Self-quiz For adult students of Spanish or high school students wanting to get a solid base in high frequency vocabulary.

Fluency Fast Guide to Self-Coaching (.EPUB)

Directions for TPRS teachers who want to coach themselves in their own classrooms to improve their own teaching. Includes printable forms for observations, self-assessment and tracking and self-reflection guiding questions. This is an Ebook in the EPUB format. When the Ebook is completed, you will receive a second link for no additional charge. $19.99. On sale for $9.99 during the month of January.