El Cóndor de los Andes by Adriana Ramirez

El Cóndor de los Andes is an engaging and inspiring story written for Spanish 4 students. It is the perfect novel to read with your level 3-4 classes, AP Spanish classes as well as IB Spanish classes. It is based on real events, which makes it very appealing, but it’s intertwined in a very compelling story that will touch your heart. It has a lot of cultural components, and since it tackles a relevant and current topic, you can find a lot of authentic support materials online (songs, news report, videos), that you could use along with the book. It has a glossary organized by chapters, which helps students find the words easier.

Synopsis: “Muchas veces las cosas difíciles de la vida son las que nos ayudan a salir adelante. Esta es una historia inspiradora, basada en hechos reales, de un ciclista colombiano que llegó muy lejos, a pesar de las muchas dificultades que tuvo que enfrentar en el camino”.

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El camino del café by Adriana Ramirez

EL CAMINO DEL CAFÉ is an engaging and inspiring story written for Spanish 4 students. It is the perfect novel to read with your level 4 classes, AP and IB Spanish classes. It will take you around the world, showing you the journey coffee beans took before they arrived to this beautiful land, where they could finally reach their perfect state. By the end of the novel, your knowledge about coffee and your way of appreciating it will definitely change. This novel has a lot of cultural components that will bring students closer to the coffee culture in Colombia. It has a glossary, alphabetically organized, including common expressions that are part of our day to day language. Synopsis: “Por décadas, el café de Colombia ha sido reconocido a nivel mundial como el mejor y el más suave. Según los expertos, sus granos tienen los atributos perfectos. Pero, ¿de dónde es originario el café y cómo llegó a Colombia? Esta es una historia maravillosa, que llevará al lector por una aventura alrededor del mundo, mostrándole el camino del café.”

El secreto de Isabela E-book

This E-book download is about Isabela, a little girl travelling in Mexico with her mother who desperately wants a puppy. It is written in easy Spanish using a vocabulary of only 46 distinct words including 18 cognates to tell a 227 word story.

Los Tres Amigos

As if teenaged friendships aren’t hard enough... Marissa and Jack have been best friends for as long as they can remember, only having troubles when Jack wasn’t always honest about himself. Despite their differences, their friendship endures. However, that friendship is challenged when a new student, Julio, moves to town and upsets the longstanding dynamic between Marissa and Jack. In this level 2+ book, which includes aspects of Puerto Rican culture, readers learn useful vocabulary through the easily understandable plot — even if the emotions of the teenagers are not.