Don Quixote: The Last Knight (English novel)

Don Quixote is the most beloved, most translated and most published novel of all time. (Harry Potter now runs a close second.) This is a simplified version of the Cervantes novel for English language learners. It uses a vocabulary of fewer than 370 different English words to tell a 1400 words story in the present tense and the same story also in the past tense. (Also available in Spanish and soon, French and Latin.)

Don quijote, el ultimo caballero is an amusing, ironic and - at the same time- tragic story. Don Quijote is an ordinary Spaniard with an extraordinary imagination who believes that he must achieve great feats to honor a lady. He falls in love with a waitress that he considers to be the ideal lady. He and his companion Sancho Panza have adventures in wich Don Quijote is always mistaken about what he finds along the way while Sancho sees what is really there. The story is based on Miguel Cervantes The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, published in the 17th century. Many cosider it to be the best book of fiction every written. 


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