Beginning Spanish ON-Line 1 year subscription

1 year subscription
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15 Hours of Beginning Spanish ON-LINE 1 year subscription

Karen Rowan teaches beginning Spanish slowly. The curriculum is the 100 highest frequency words in Spanish and was specifically developed for school teachers. Accompanying reader is Las Aventuras de Isabela. 1 year subscription

Independent Study Beginning Spanish Package

1. Video, Beginning Spanish class, 13 hours, $99.99 value 2. Reader, Las Aventuras de Isabela, with glossary, $5.00 value 3. Audio book, Las Aventuras de Isabela, $10 value 4. Independent study guide for self-study, $30.00 value Total value: $144.99

Intermediate Spanish II, Instructor: Jason Fritze ON-LINE 1 year subscription

These Intermediate Spanish classes are appropriate for those who have already taken Beginning Spanish. High frequency vocabulary is targeted, as are high frequency structures in the present and past tenses. 1 year subscription