NEW! Beginning French streaming video with Donna Tatum-Johns (filmed July 2017, Denver)

Beginning French using Les aventures d'Isabelle and many other supplementary resources. Handouts are loaded on the FluencyFast webpage. Click on Free Resources and French. Please order a copy of Les aventures d'Isabelle and the audio download of Les aventures d'Isabelle to follow along and print the handouts. The class uses TPR (Total Physical Response), TPRS (TPR Storytelling) and other CI (Comprehensible Input) methods. Live class was $249.00. On-line streaming video is $69.99. Warning.... Donna's humor is funny and a little risque. We do not intend these adult classes to be used with chlldren.
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Les aventures d'Isabel (FRENCH)

"What a funny and bizarre little girl! My class is reading Chapitre 4 over the weekend. They are having so much fun reading your book. I just wanted to let you know." Kathy Johnson

Les aventures d'Isabelle, Audio INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Audio of Les aventures d'Isabelle read by a native speaker.

Audio Book Las aventuras de Isabela INSTANT DOWNLOAD

INSTANT DOWNLOAD of audio book of Las aventuras de Isabela read by a native speaker.