Advanced Spanish with Greg Stevens ON-LINE 1 year subscription

Video of an Advanced Spanish class focused on imperfect subjunctive / conditional / future. 1 year subscription

This class read the book Los Cuatro Acuerdos (available at book stores or Amazon). The vocabulary choices were pulled from this book.  The grammatical focus is what teachers of lower level Spanish classes generally struggle to get into their every day language.  For those wishing to break out of beginning Spanish, who haven't taught for a while or who are French teachers trying to teach Spanish, this class provides ample exposure to advanced structures and vocabulary repetitively so that it is easily acquired.  Your Spanish should at least be at an intermediate level prior to this class.

Greg's style is slow, repetitive and thorough.  In his real life he is an accomplished upper level high school Spanish teacher whose Spanish has been described as "magesterial."  He lives in Northern California.

The stories included in this class were posted on our Free Resources page at  Click on Spanish.

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