2018 Beginning-High Spanish MONDAYS Denver

We continue to expand our vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure in Beginning-High. If you are not a true beginner, this is a great place to start. 3 remaining classes. February 26 5pm-8pm March 5 5pm-8pm March 12 5pm-8pm PLACE Bridge Academy, Denver Room 152 Price reduced to $50. 3 out of 5 classes remain. Join any time.
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2018 Beginning Spanish Denver February 1-3

For true beginners, this class focuses on the highest frequency words in Spanish. This is not a traditional class! High interest and highly engaging. You will be able to read an easy reader in Spanish and understand and communicate in Spanish after approximately 12 hours. Thursday, February 1, 4:30pm-8pm Friday, February 2, 4:30pm-8pm Saturday, February 3, 8:30am-3pm Thomas Jefferson High School, Room 10

2018 Intermediate-Low Spanish Denver March 15-17

Our first intermediate class in this series builds on the vocabulary and basics in the beginning class and begins to introduce the past tense. Our classes continue to be personalized and fun and active.

2018 Intermediate-High Spanish Denver, CO May 3-5

This is our last class before our summer advanced class. We continue focusing on conversational Spanish with a specific focus on what participants want to know how to say. Thomas Jefferson High School Room 111