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2017 Fluency Fast Teacher Training SOLD OUT

This training is not open to the public. Registration to IFLT is required. Please click on more information for details.

This training is not open to the public.  Payment link for those who were accepted into the Fluency Fast Teacher Training program by invitation or application.  The program begins Friday, July 7 at noon at North High School.  It requires preparation work, self-coaching and the completion of a reading list.  Please join the secret Facebook page for more information.  It includes language class observations and portions of all classes, but no complete language classes.  Registration to IFLT is required.  No discount codes are necessary.  Registration is $400.  $50 off for registration to IFLT.  You can also receive $50 off of your IFLT registration.  Contact Vicki @ with your registration confirmation email.


Trainers:  Karen Rowan, Sabrina Janzcak, Linda Li, Stephen Krashen, Leslie Davison